Special Bridal Factory

We are a China factory specializing in making wedding dresses, upscale bridal gowns and some other kinds of dresses such as bridesmaid, evening, prom and flower girl dresses.
Thanks to the serious attitude towards the quality of our products,
we are able to survive the great competition especially in today's more and more transparent market.
With 10 years exprience in making dresses, we devoted ourselves to creating unique gowns for each unique lady.
We hire highly paid experienced dress maker and make the dresses in import high quality fabrics and materials.

We have 6 strengths:
1. Professionalism in making dresses, compared to trade companies;
2. No Minimum Order Quantity;
3. Short lead time: from 2 weeks to 4 weeks;
4. Custom made and drop ship service;
5. Competitive prices, considerate service and superior quality;
6. Great discounted shipping price, 50% discount or even higher from our couriers.

If you are just looking for very low prices, sorry, but we don't make cheap items;
If you are looking for a supplier to realize your styles, yes, you got us;
If you are looking for quality, yes, we are the one!